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Happiness Over Dignity

In 2016, I graduated from college. Having had the same blog since I was sixteen, I thought it was time I started a new one to document the adventure of creating the rest of my life.  As I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted this blog to be for myself and for others, I remembered a quote from my favorite book, Jane Eyre:

I would always rather be happy than dignified. - Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

That's what I want my personal blog to be--my journey to find my own happiness without regard for what the world deems to be dignified. And hopefully, I'll help someone else find their own happiness along the way.


Patreon is a virtual tipping and rewards website that allows you to donate money to your favorite creators and their projects. My Patreon is specifically for my personal blog. Donations are given per blog post and you can set a limit to how much you will donate a month. So, if I post five times a month and you're a $5 donator that only wants to pay a max of $5 a month, you won't get charged $5 for each of those posts.

Patreon has a customizable tiered rewards system for donators. My blog has the following rewards:

  • $1 donations mean that you will be sent a random fun fact from me. (I'm really into trivia.)
  • $5 donations give you the opportunity to suggest blog topics, whether that be dating advice or movies recommendations. You name it, I will write about it.
  • $10 donations will earn you a spot in the name pool of my children and you will be sent an embarrassing story or picture from my past.

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